Athena is a nonprofit, online platform for teachers to share practices.
It’s a place where teachers can find, create, and collaborate on
the questions, activities, and assignments we use every day.


“Athena is the best experience I have had in terms of connecting with other teachers online.”

High School English Teacher

“Athena is putting into action what I’ve been seeking as a teacher for years – a place to share and find resources, questions, and best practices.”

High School Religion/Philosophy Teacher

The Educator’s Notebook

The Educator’s Notebook is a weekly newsletter
that curates learning-related news from around the web
for the purpose of promoting innovation in education.


“The best of the best. The weekly newsbrief on which I most rely to stay informed is The Educator’s Notebook.”

Peter Gow, Executive Director, Independent Curriculum Group

“The newsletter is always well curated, taking a holistic approach to the concerns of education — ranging from practical pieces on curriculum and pedagogy to new research into child development, to timely news and some unexpected but always engaging pieces about teaching, learning, and living.”

Michael Brosnan, Former Editor, Independent School Magazine

Distant Reading

Distant Reading is a high school digital humanities course.
Team taught and cross-listed in English and Computer Science,
it earned a 2017 Wolfram Innovator Award from Wolfram Research.

Sense and Sensation

Sense and Sensation is where I (rarely these days) write
about education, creativity, and cognitive science.

Planning Process Illustrated

Planning Process Illustrated is an analysis
of the planning process, as illustrated
by teachers from around the United States.

A Boarding School Musical

A Boarding School Musical is a Hamilton-inspired send up of and tribute to boarding schools
put up by 25 Deerfield Academy faculty at a school meeting to a surprised student body.

Video on YouTube, songs on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music

Exercises for the Recovery of Childhood

Exercises for the Recovery of Childhood is a collection of prose poems
composed by Andy Stallings, typeface designed by David Jonathan Ross,
and designed for web by James Lindeman. I hope they bring you joy.