I’m an educator.  I love learning and I love intersections between unlike things.

Education is paramount to me.  Everything we do has an element of education, regardless of our work.  When we interact with other people, we are teaching about our thoughts, professions, interests, character, and more. And when we choose not to interact or listen, we teach something there, too.

More formally, I am Head of School at King’s Academy.

I curate and edit a weekly newsletter called The Educator’s Notebook.  It collects education related news from around the web for the purpose of promoting innovation in education, and it is read around the world by teachers, school leaders, nonprofit directors, foundation leaders, charter chain managers, startup CEOS, conference organizers and more.

I founded Athena, a nonprofit organization that connects teachers around practice.

I’ve presented separately on the topics of creativity and cognitive science at SXSWeduNAISthe College Boardthe OECD, and elsewhere here in the US and abroad.

I serve on the Advisory Board for SXSWedu and the Center for Curriculum Redesign.

Prior to my time at King’s Academy, I taught at Deerfield Academy for ten years and held a variety of leadership positions. I particularly enjoyed teaching about the history of language, Paradise Lost, the evolution of literary form, digital humanities, fundamentals of grammar and rhetoric, and, well, lots of other things, too. There is so much to be curious about.

Prior to my current time at Deerfield, I lived in New York City, where I was a musician, composer, writer, political organizer, grad student, and general enthusiast of life.

I welcome feedback, comments, or criticism.  Everything is a work in progress in the digital age, and we only benefit from extending the discourse.  Thanks for your contributions to the conversation.

For more information on my work, visit my home page.

Peter Nilsson
mail:  pbnilsson (at) gmail.com
tweets:  (at) pnilsson